Midterm Review Sheet Now Available

It’s February! We’ll be starting our reading of Shiba Goro’s Remembering Aizu next week, which will also be the focus of a take-home essay for our upcoming midterm on February 19th. See our Assignments Page (password required) for the Midterm Review Sheet and Take-Home essay assignment, which will both be reviewed in class on Monday, 2/5.

Please give the review sheet a read and bring along any questions that day!

“Random Notes” for Monday, 1/22

On Monday we’ll be doing a close read of a primary source from the Qing dynasty — Fang Bao’s Random Notes from Prison (see Ebrey et al, “Creation of the Manchu Empire” chapter). Catch up on your textbook reading and bring a copy of the textbook and/or a digital device into class by which you can access an electronic copy of the text.

We’ll talk primary sources, strategies for analysis, and the significance of a text on prisons in the midst of late imperial China.

Also, don’t forget we have the map quiz at the start of class on Friday. See our Map Quiz page for the terms to study and maps to help guide you (and for practice.)